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ChestShop Added! about 1 month ago

Ahoy, Pirates!


We are thrilled to announce some major updates to the Pirate Prison experience that we know you'll love. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you a revamped server and a newly enhanced shop that cater to your requests and suggestions. Get ready for an adventure like never before!


Shop Upgrades


Our Pirate Prison Store has undergone a transformation to offer you even more value and excitement. With the new changes, you can expect:


New Ranks: We've added additional ranks with exclusive perks to give you more options and rewards as you progress.


Enhanced Crate Keys: More rewarding and thrilling crate openings with better chances of scoring rare items.


Expanded Cosmetics: Customize your pirate avatar with a wider variety of skins, accessories, and effects.


New Tags: A broader selection of tags to let you express your unique pirate persona.


And More: Stay tuned for special limited-time offers and unique items to further enhance your gameplay.


To acquire these items, you'll need coins, which you can purchase directly from our Pirate Prison Store. These coins can then be used in-game to buy ranks, crate keys, cosmetics, tags, and more, giving you the freedom to enhance your gameplay as you see fit.


Server Reset and New Features


We're also excited to announce a complete server reset, bringing you a fresh start and a wealth of new features that you've been asking for:


/autosell: This highly requested feature is now available, allowing you to automatically sell items and streamline your mining operations.


Balanced Gameplay: We've reworked various aspects of the game to ensure a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.


Improved Performance: Optimizations and upgrades to the server infrastructure for smoother and more reliable gameplay.


New Content: Fresh challenges, quests, and events to keep the adventure going strong.


Join the Adventure!


Dive back into the world of Pirate Prison and explore all the new features and improvements. Whether you're a seasoned pirate or a new recruit, there's something exciting for everyone. Head over to the Pirate Prison Store to purchase your coins and start your journey anew.


Thank you for being a part of our community and for your continued support. We can't wait to see you in-game and hear your feedback on the new updates.


Fair winds and following seas, pirates! Let the adventure begin!


-The Pirate Prison Team

Hey everyone! I thought I would make a forum post to start us off using this :) A forum can be a great place for communities to connect with each other and grow. I'm looking forward to reading everything you all have to post and hopefully this can be a active forum that can help inspire hundreds! I know I got inspired somewhere down the road so lets make this the place the next person gets inspired from. Have a great day everyone!

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